Southern Jazz Man (southernjazzman) wrote in fl_panthers,
Southern Jazz Man

Close, but

One thing you can say about this home stand, it's not David Booth's fault. The man keeps the Cats alive with a late game tying goal in the last two games, only to have them blow it either in overtime or in the shootout.

I also can't for the life of me figure out our goaltending situation. Vokoun couldn't seem to get the job done, so they bring in Anderson. Andyman goes on a tear and does really well for awhile, but then either let's in easy goals or comes up short at critical moments. The poor play of the defensemen certainly isn't making the job of netminder any easier.

I want to think that if they can iron out these kinks that the Panthers can become a force in the Southeast. Flashes of brilliance doesn't get you to the Promised Land, consistent play does.

GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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