Iain (psychopomp_dk) wrote in fl_panthers,

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

So, the Panthers have just acquired center Steven Reinprecht from fellow losingest team the Phoenix Coyotes. Known for his 'two-way versatility', this native of Edmonton, Alberta who apparently apparently was never drafted, seems to top out around 15 goals and 30 assissts a season looking through his career history.


In exchange, we've shipped off 2003 - 2nd round (55th overall) pick Left Wing Stefan Meyer who was born in 1985 and played a whole four games for us last season.

Apparently, what we're acquiring most in this player is SPEED. And no, this trade was not done by the spectre of Jacques Martin, but assistant general manager Randy Sexton. Nice to know someone is still behind the wheel.
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